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From idea to reality!

What we do


It all starts with a good idea! We utilize our own and our partners’ experience in electronics and product design to develop practical solutions that enhance the functionality and efficiency of equipment. From an idea to a testable proof of concept. Then, from a prototype to a successful product on the market. We have gained a lot of experience with this over the past 10 years!


We oversee the entire journey of our products, from initial design to in-house production, ensuring quality at every step. Our facility is not only equipped for manufacturing but also adheres to strict ESD-safe standards, protecting our creations from electrostatic damage. 


Our commitment doesn’t end at creation. We take pride in ensuring that our products reach the hands of customers worldwide. Through our webshop and distribution network, we guarantee timely delivery for new customers as well as excellent support for existing customers.

EMDR equipment
for professionals




In many cases, EMDR is the most successful treatment method for trauma and bad experiences. Our EMDR equipment supports the therapist during this therapy and makes EMDR easier, more comfortable and also more extensive by enabling more options.

We design, develop and assemble our EMDR equipment ourselves and in collaboration with various partners. Through the years of developing this equipment, we have built up a lot of expertise regarding Bluetooth, injection molding, 3D printing, electronics assembly, batteries, ESD safe working and much more!


Prevent injuries and work comfortably


Easily adjust the various settings

User friendly

The EMDR Kit is easy to use


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